Streaming plans that grow with you and your brand

Explore core features and enjoy high quality streaming for free.


All core studio features

  • StreamYard logo in your streams

  • Streaming limits

  • Local recordings - 2 hours/mo

  • 6 on-screen participants

  • 2 seats

Dive deeper into streaming, expand your reach and brand.



Save $60
billed annually

All Free features with:

  • No StreamYard logo on your streams

  • Unlimited streaming

  • Unlimited local recordings

  • 10 on-screen participants

  • Live streams are recorded

  • Multistream - 3 destinations

  • Custom RTMP destinations

  • Guest destinations

  • Logos, Overlays, Backgrounds

  • Pre-recorded streams - 1 hour

  • 50 hours of storage


Elevate your content with advanced features and full HD.



Save $120
billed annually

All Basic features with:

  • StreamYard On-Air - 250 viewers

  • Full HD (1080p)

  • Extra camera

  • 12 backstage participants

  • Multistream - 8 destinations

  • 4 seats

  • Pre-recorded streams - 2 hours

Enjoy premium production features and priority support



Save $240
billed annually

All Professional features with:

  • StreamYard On-Air - 1000 viewers

  • 15 backstage participants

  • 10 seats

  • Pre-recorded streams - 4 hours

Push the limits, expand your audience and team collaboration



Save $720
billed annually

All Premium features with:

  • StreamYard On-Air - 10000 viewers

  • Greenroom

  • Pre-recorded streams - 8 hours

Experience the ultimate production support and customization

Contact sales

All Growth features with:

  • StreamYard On-Air - 10000+ viewers

  • Spaces

  • Extra user roles

  • 10+ seats

  • 700+ hours of storage

  • Customer success resources

  • SSO

  • Uptime SLA

  • Production services (add on)

Trusted by global brands

  • Microsoft logo
  • Google for Startups logo
  • Teachable logo
  • WooCommerce logo
  • Dropbox logo
  • Beachbody logo
  • Salesforce logo
  • LinkedIn logo
  • Semrush logo
  • Morning Brew logo
  • Hootsuite logo
  • Digital Ocean logo
  • Bloomberg logo

Loved by millions of people around the world

Absolutely LOVED it and can't wait to use it again, amazing platform!

Wil Strayhorn, Award-Winning Radio & TV Talk Show Host

Fantastic LIVE studio right in your browser. If you are a Livestreamer, USE THIS PLATFORM if you want to get interaction with your viewers. #TheYard We love it.

Dave Brown, Life Coach

This platform is friendly, it looks good and it's easy to use. Yes! TWO snaps up for #TheYard

Shannon Griffin, Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Greenroom is the best way to manage guests for important streams. Learn more.

StreamYard's core features are free to use. Additional features are offered through paid plans.

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime. You'll still have access to the paid features until the end of your current billing cycle. Then you'll be moved back to the free plan.

Yes, StreamYard has a 7-day money-back guarantee. After 7 days, your purchase is deemed complete and cannot be refunded. The guarantee only applies to your first charge.

USD or Indian Rupees only

Yes you can. While billing is recurring, you are able to cancel at anytime.

Yes! You can even upgrade half way through your billing cycle and only pay the difference!

Yes! StreamYard Business is designed to cater for the needs of organisations and larger teams. To learn more about how StreamYard Business can accomplish your video goals, book a brief meeting with a StreamYard expert.

Have another question or looking for more detail? Visit our StreamYard help center