About us

We’re Geige and Dan, the co-founders of StreamYard. We met in our university’s engineering program, and have been building stuff together ever since. Every once in a while we play hockey too.

Geige Dan Hockey

We think live streaming is a great medium for storytelling – and telling great stories benefits everyone. Whether you’re a creator, content marketer, entrepreneur, or just someone with something to say, live streaming is an exciting and effective way to spread your message.

Before we started StreamYard, we were fascinated by live streaming’s rapid growth in the gaming community. It created an entire industry and allowed people to turn their favorite hobby into a career.

But why just gaming?

Gamers generally have fancy computers and are comfortable with clunky technology – this made it much easier for them to start streaming. But you shouldn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a computer, or learn about encoding, just to start live streaming. The world misses out on so many great creators because of these barriers.

Dan and I thought there should be a streaming tool that anyone could use – a tool that was fun instead of stressful – a tool that was simple, but powerful enough to create engaging content. We wanted people who weren’t techy, or who simply didn’t want to deal with the hassle of streaming, to still go live, share their stories, and grow their own communities.

So we made StreamYard!

We built StreamYard with three things in mind and continue to focus on these pillars today. The three StreamYard pillars include

  1. ease of use
  2. stability, and
  3. professional-looking streams

StreamYard is built on those pillars. Our users tell us that StreamYard makes streaming fun – you can quickly create engaging content with guests, show on screen comments/lower thirds, and brand your broadcasts with themes, overlays, and backgrounds. You don’t need to know anything about technology or streaming to get started. And even though StreamYard is simple, techy folks love how powerful it is under the hood, and how effective it is for streaming group discussions.

Dan and I love StreamYard and its community. We work tirelessly to improve our tool and create the best experience possible.