Connect a Facebook page


To connect a page, first make sure you have either the “Admin” or “Editor” role for that page. Only page admins and editors can stream to a Facebook page. Not sure what your role is? Click here to find out.

What if your page is not listed?

There are a few reasons why your Facebook page may not show up on StreamYard.

You’re not an admin or editor

You must be an admin or editor of a page to connect it to StreamYard.

You’re logged into the wrong Facebook profile

On, you must be logged into the profile that is an admin or editor of the page you’re trying to connect.

You haven’t granted permissions for the specific page

When first connecting to Facebook, StreamYard asks for a number of permissions. You may have clicked “Choose what you allow”, which lets you choose which pages StreamYard can access. If you turn off any pages, StreamYard won’t have access to them or any new pages you join AFTER connecting to StreamYard. In this case, you’ll need to reauthorize Facebook.