Facebook profile comments

When streaming to your profile, Facebook sets the privacy to friends-only by default (even though StreamYard asks to make it public). As of February 2019, if you want viewer comments to show up on StreamYard, you’ll need to make your streams public.

NOTE: This only applies to Facebook profiles, not pages/groups.

How to make all your future streams public

To make all your future streams public

  1. go to your Apps and Websites page on Facebook and click View and edit for StreamYard. If you don’t see StreamYard listed, it may be under the Business Integrations tab. view edit app permissions
  2. on the modal that appears, look for the section about visibility and post audience. Select Public, then click Save. audience privacy settings

Now when you stream to your profile, viewer comments will show up on StreamYard.

If you’re live right now, you’ll also need to make your current stream public.

How to make your current stream public

If you’re live right now and not seeing viewer comments, you’ll need to make the stream public:

  1. Find your stream on Facebook. You can click the View on Facebook link next to the End Broadcast button in your StreamYard studio. guest view on facebook
  2. Click the privacy icon for your stream, then Public. make stream public

Viewer comments should start appearing on StreamYard.