Reauthorizing your Facebook account

Why is reauthorization required?

There are a few reasons why you might need to reauthorize your Facebook account:

  • You prevented StreamYard from accessing specific pages/groups when first authorizing with Facebook. StreamYard won’t have access to these pages/groups or any new ones you joined after.
  • You may have accidentally revoked a permission that StreamYard requires while editing your Facebook settings.
  • Facebook revoked your permissions for security reasons. For example, this could happen if you changed your Facebook password.

How to reauthorize

  1. Go to your Business Integrations page on Facebook and find StreamYard. If you don’t see StreamYard listed, it may be under the Apps and Websites tab.
  2. Remove the StreamYard app by checking its box and clicking “Remove”. remove facebook integration
  3. You will be prompted with a message asking if you would like to delete all StreamYard data. Do NOT check this box unless you want to remove all the videos you’ve created with StreamYard. Click “Remove”. facebook integration check
  4. Head back over to StreamYard and try connecting your destination again. When granting Facebook permissions, you have the option to “Choose what info you allow”. We don’t recommend doing this as it may cause continuous permissions issues. If you do, make sure you grant access for ALL requested permissions for each of the pages/groups you want to use on StreamYard.