Best Alternative For Facebook Live Split Screen Interviews?

Best Alternative For Facebook Live Split Screen Interviews?

Are you looking to do a split-screen interview on Facebook Live?

Facebook used to have a feature for this called ‘Live With’, but it has been discontinued. Luckily there is another tool that allows you to go live with multiple people – StreamYard!

StreamYard is the easiest way to bring multiple participants into your live streams. It integrates directly with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other major platforms.

Why did Facebook remove the feature?

Facebook stated the following:

We will cease supporting the ‘live with’ functionality in the Facebook iOS and Android applications over the coming weeks. We’re committed to building a truly social video experience on Facebook, and we’re constantly evaluating the set of features we offer to the community. It’s important that we prioritize and focus on experiences that drive the most value for the community.”

Facebook’s ‘Live With Friends’ was a bit clunky and a relatively small number people used it; however, it was a convenient way to quickly bring guests into your streams directly on Facebook.

Now What?

Hopefully Facebook will now have more resources to improve the Facebook Live experience in other ways. If you need a way to go live with guests on Facebook, StreamYard allows you to do bring in up to 5 guests. It directly integrates with Facebook and is an approved Facebook Live tool.

How do I use StreamYard and what else can it do?

This video will quickly walk you through the basics:

StreamYard lets you

  • bring in multiple guests (up to 5)
  • display comments on screen
  • brand your broadcasts with overlays and backgrounds
  • share your screen and play intro/outro videos
  • dynamically places lower thirds on screen
  • and stream to platforms like Facebook and YouTube simultaneously

Although many people will miss the Facebook ‘Live With’ feature, StreamYard is a great alternative that will allow you to continue creating awesome content with live participants.

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