LinkedIn Live, a big opportunity?

LinkedIn Live, a big opportunity?

Update: StreamYard now integrates directly with LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn is unique and many people forget that it is actually one of the oldest social media platforms. It launched before Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – even before YouTube. And unlike many platforms, it did not have rapid, drama-filled growth. Like one might expect from a social network for professionals, LinkedIn has grown in a steady, measured manner. But despite it’s quiet nature, it has over 600 million users and is a giant in the social media space.

But why Linkedin Live?

LinkedIn is the perfect place to network, grow your brand, and generate leads. This is why LinkedIn Live is the most exciting live streaming development of 2019. It presents a unique opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. Those who establish an early presence on LinkedIn Live will likely reap great benefits as evidenced by other platforms – imagine if you had started on YouTube 10 years ago!

And LinkedIn Live hasn’t really even started yet – it’s still in beta and is currently invite-only. You can apply here for access.

Things you need to know about LinkedIn Live

So, you’re thinking about getting started on LinkedIn Live. Let’s discuss some points that you should consider.

There is no native tool

LinkedIn Live does not have a native tool and users must go live using a third party application. Only a few are supported so far; be sure to pick one that you’ll be comfortable with. Here are some of the tools that LinkedIn integrates with:

  • StreamYard
  • Wowza
  • Restream
  • Wirecast
  • Switcher Studio

Leave the sales gimmicks at home

LinkedIn wants professional, on-brand content – the guidelines explicitly say not to create promotional streams. Instead, LinkedIn suggests using live video to form authentic connections, share breaking news, give exclusive access to private events and establish yourself as a bold and innovative brand.

Don’t forget the basics

I see so much information about the best equipment and growth hacks for live streams, but most articles fail to mention the basics. Make sure that you have

  • a good internet connection
  • decent lighting
  • and a rough plan for what you’re going to discuss

The best tech and sales copy can’t help you if you don’t get the basics right. Stephanie Liu did a great job outlining essential tips for getting started with Facebook Live, and the same principles apply to LinkedIn Live. I also created a video that covers the technical aspects of setting up for a successful stream.

What people want to see

LinkedIn outlined some potentials use cases in their guidelines, but they didn’t cover the types of content that viewers will crave the most. Look out for…

Live interviews and round table discussions

Everyone loves seeing broadcasters go live with multiple presenters, and LinkedIn Live seems like the perfect place for it. Expert panels and interview-style shows might start filling up your feeds.

Product demos and launches

You’ll see some exciting demos and launches, especially from small business and entrepreneurs. All it really takes is a live screen share and camera to create an awesome demo, or launch a product/course.

AMAs (ask me anythings)

The platform Reddit made this format famous, and it works really well for live video. LinkedIn Live will be the best place for industry experts to answer the public’s most pressing questions – live!

Get your applications in!

I can’t wait to see LinkedIn Live fully take shape and I hope that StreamYard becomes an approved application soon StreamYard is now an approved LinkedIn Live application. If you’re looking to grow a professional brand, LinkedIn Live needs to be part of your strategy. The best time to start is now.

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