StreamYard becomes a LinkedIn Live partner!

StreamYard becomes a LinkedIn Live partner!

We are proud to announce that StreamYard is now an official LinkedIn Live Partner!

LinkedIn Live debuted earlier this year and its release was the most exciting live streaming announcement of 2019. LinkedIn offers direct access to over 600 million individuals, businesses and organizations. It perfectly complements StreamYard’s existing integrations.

LinkedIn Live presents a unique opportunity for StreamYard users and the working world at large. The demographics make it the perfect place for working professionals, B2B companies, and entrepreneurs (imagine a live product launch!) to host streams. We believe that those who establish an early presence on LinkedIn Live will reap great rewards as evidenced by other platforms.

And LinkedIn just became much more accessible! You cannot livestream to LinkedIn natively; third party applications are required. StreamYard is now the easiest way to create engaging and professional LinkedIn Live streams – no downloads are required, and with StreamYard’s guesting feature, LinkedIn Live users can host collaborative streams with multiple presenters.

How to start streaming to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live is still in Beta – to use this integration you need to apply for beta access. See you on LinkedIn!

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