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Create your own streaming server (advanced)

Today, we are going to create our own streaming server. What is a streaming server? It is simply a computer that will distribute broadcasts to our viewers. This means that...

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Facebook removes 'Live With' feature. Best alternative?

Facebook has removed the ‘Live With’ feature. This feature allowed users to invite friends/guests into their Facebook Live streams.

Hangouts on Air going away August 1, 2019

Hangouts on Air is going away August 1, 2019. And this time it’s gone for good.

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StreamYard becomes a LinkedIn Live partner!

We are proud to announce that StreamYard is now an official LinkedIn Live Partner!

LinkedIn Live, a big opportunity?

Update: StreamYard now integrates directly with LinkedIn Live

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Green Screens and StreamYard's Year in Review

2019 was a fantastic year for live streaming and StreamYard. Thank YOU for making it awesome!

What is Multistreaming?

Have you ever wished that you could be in multiple places at once? Multistreaming grants that wish (at least for live streams). Multistreaming means going live to multiple platforms, like...