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StreamYard is a recording studio in your browser. Interview guests from anywhere in the world, on any device, with perfect quality.

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Record with up to 10 people on any device, anywhere in the world.

StreamYard is the perfect balance of cost and use!
Darion Robinson
Darion Robinson

Co-Founder at Be Eminent

Studio-quality recordings on any connection

Sick of your Zoom and Skype recordings being ruined by a bad connection? With local recordings, a separate audio and video file is recorded on each user's device. Even if someone has a weak connection, the recordings won't be blurry or choppy.

Simplify editing with separate tracks

Separate audio and video tracks let you fully customize your recording in post-production. Integrates with your favorite editing tools. Also great for repurposing your content (Shorts, Reels, etc).

Live stream your podcast to increase engagement

StreamYard is not only the best recording studio, it's also the best live streaming studio. Multistream to many platforms, easily brand your stream, interact with your audience through comments, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! StreamYard is browser-based which means you and your guests don't have to download anything.

You can record with up to 9 other guests (10 people total) on our paid plans. You can record with 5 other guests on the free plan.

No, you can send them a link to easily access the recording studio. They don't have to sign up or download anything.

Each user records a separate audio and video file on their device and uploads them to StreamYard in the background. Even if someone has a weak connection, the recordings won't be blurry or choppy. Useful if you need to do post-production editing. We'll also still create a cloud recording.

The audio and video files are still saved on their device. They simply need to return to the studio, or go to to finish the upload.

No, local recordings do not count towards your storage limit. For example, if you and 3 guests record for 1 hour with local recordings enabled, it will only count as 1 hour of storage.

All plans have local recordings, including the free plan! The free plan is limited to 2 hours of local recording per month. Paid plans are unlimited.

No. Every interview is recorded in the cloud. Local recordings are useful if you want to do post-production editing with the highest possible quality.

On paid plans, all live streams are recorded on StreamYard, up to a maximum of 10 hours per stream. On the Free plan, you can create recordings, but you can't live stream and record at the same time.

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