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Download your video recordings and audio tracks so you and your guest can repurpose them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guest Interviews

Within each StreamYard stream, you will have a separate link that you can share with your guests. This will bring them into your live stream for you to interview them. Click on the 'Invite' tab to invite guests to the studio using a link.

No. Your guest does not need a StreamYard account. But if you want additional security, you can require guests to authenticate with Facebook or YouTube.

While the Free plan allows you to have 6 on-screen participants, you can upgrade to include up to 10 people.

Yes. You can kick guests from the studio, or ban them permanently. This is useful if you are planning to share your guest link publicly (which we don't recommend).

Yes. Your guest can share their screen and video files. As the host, you can choose whether or not to show these on screen.

You can toggle your guest's mic on and off, control their volume level, and several other audio settings.

Yes. You can easily reorganize the way your guests appear on screen by choosing between a number of different layouts. You can also drag a guest's window around to switch positions.

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