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Ways to use StreamYard

Live Stream

Create branded live streams to connect with your audience. Interview guests and multistream to all platforms at once.

Host Webinars & All-Hands

Host a webinar, live stream, or all-hands on StreamYard, or embed it on your website.

Record Videos & Podcasts

Record audio and video in studio quality from any device. Perfect for interviewing guests.

Simplify collaboration & control at scale

Organize your shows in unique spaces

Control who can create and manage content in each space. Essential if you have multiple shows.

Maintain control at every level

Advanced user roles allow you to grant specific permissions to those who need them, and restrict them for those who don't.

Communicate with guests backstage

Send private direct messages to your guests, speakers, and producers. Up to 15 people can join your studio.

Use Greenroom for important streams

Greenroom is a waiting area for up to 25 guests to prepare with hosts before they enter the studio. Hosts can have private video calls with the guests to ensure their equipment is working before moving them to the studio.

Enterprise-grade stability and security

Stability you can count on

99.9% uptime SLA. We take extra measures to ensure your stream is always stable by sending backup streams and using advanced servers. Disconnection protection prevents your stream from being cut off if you have temporary network issues.

No 'Zoom bombing'

Invite guest speakers with a secure access link. Audio and video streams are encrypted.

Single Sign On

Enable your team to log in with one set of credentials.

The best customer service in the business

Rapid, reliable support

Prioritized email queue for timely support.

Expert problem solvers

Hands-on success managers and product experts set you up for success.

Centralized invoicing

Streamline the procurement process with a single annual invoice for all your teams.

Production services

Need help organizing and running your next event? You can choose to purchase production services to ensure your next event is a success.

Innovative companies use StreamYard

We currently use StreamYard to host virtual and hybrid events for our clients across the globe. StreamYard is a reliable way to stream our content to our clients' audiences and is an easy tool to onboard speakers who join us in studio... We are seen as a reliable, professional and effective team through using StreamYard.

Shweta Chiba • Senior Platform Build Architect, Digital Access

StreamYard gives us the tools and flexibility to easily manage streams and recordings, add team members, and perfect user permissions. StreamYard, has enabled us to scale our efforts to team members presenting and as guests with a consistent, simple, and intuitive user interface that just works! Anyone can get up and running in just a few minutes.

James Montemagno • Program Manager at Microsoft

We started using it for producing workshops or breakout sessions for larger broadcast events, but because of the simplicity and the flexibility of it, we trained a lot of staff to be able to operate StreamYard. We've used it for "sub-studios" to enable sponsors at events or stakeholders at events to run their own streaming platform as kind of a mini-stage

Jason Greenberg • Vice President at e2k events x entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions About StreamYard Business

StreamYard is an easy to use and powerful live streaming platform used to help businesses, communities and influencers connect with their audiences. With a flexible studio, high-quality video and custom branding options, businesses can create pre-recorded or live streams on Facebook, X (Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

Businesses use StreamYard in many ways, to build community and brand awareness, generate leads, and connect with their followers on social media and virtual events. The most common business uses of StreamYard are:

Community Engagement

Social Media Broadcasting

Virtual Events


Interviews and Panels

Internal Events and Shows

There are a number of live streaming tools out there, but when you compare them to StreamYard, several key differences make StreamYard stand out:

Easy video production for streaming and recording content.

Simultaneous streaming to multiple platforms at once.

High-quality video resolution, where you can stream in high definition (1080p) and share your RTMP feed to third-party platforms.

Custom branding with overlays, backgrounds, lower thirds, logos, watermarks, and branded backgrounds.

Ensure guests are ready and prepare in a virtual greenroom. Manage up to 25 more guests with Greenroom.

Intuitive audience interaction, with the ability to feature audience comments and call to actions.

Granular permissions that grant or restrict access to users based on role and space.

Team spaces that help team members coordinate and produce shows with greater ease and organization.

24/7 global support so that you always have someone to count on.

StreamYard Business gives growing and large organizations the additional capacity and control needed to run many shows that involve multiple teams. Some of the expanded features in the Business plan include:

Granular roles and permissions

Centralized billing

Recording - 24 hours/stream

More storage

10 concurrent streams

30+ spaces

15 participants backstage

Priority support

10 multistream destinations

By talking with our experts, we can ensure you get all your questions answered in a timely manner and help you get started with StreamYard to achieve your objectives.

You can learn more about StreamYard for businesses by contacting us at [email protected].

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