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StreamYard On-Air is a live webinar platform. Host a webinar, live stream, or event on StreamYard, or embed it on your website. Optionally collect email addresses through a registration form. No downloads required.

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Redefining webinar stability

Sick of having issues with your webinars? StreamYard On-Air is as stable as platforms like YouTube Live, but with all the features of a webinar platform.

Use the production studio trusted by millions

Interview guests, share your screen and slides, brand your content, show comments on screen, and much more. Millions of people use StreamYard's studio every month for their live streams and webinars.

Simply professional webinars

Collect emails with simple registration

Your viewers don't need to create an account. You can choose to collect their email, name, and other info with a customizable registration form.

Embed for full customization

For a fully branded webinar experience, you can embed the webinar on your website. You can even embed the chat.

The best doesn't have to be expensive

Whether you're streaming to ten viewers, or ten thousand, our plans are the most competitive out there. Feel free to take a look for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! StreamYard is browser-based which means you and your guests don't have to download anything.

No! Even if you choose to enable registration, they won't need to create a StreamYard account.

Plans start at $49 per month. See our pricing page for a list of all the plans.

Yes, each plan has a per stream limit. See our pricing page.

Yes! You can choose to require registration. Viewers will need to provide their name and email to watch. You can view all registrations or download the list as a csv file.

Yes! You can enable the 'available on-demand' setting to allow your attendees to view the webinar after it's live.

Viewers watching the webinar on StreamYard can engage with the chat. The live chat opens 10 minutes before the start time and closes 10 minutes after the stream.

Yes! You can multistream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and Custom RTMP destinations.

Yes! You can embed the On-Air Webinar on your website if you want to fully customize the viewer experience. If the live chat is enabled, it will also be embedded.

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