Background music in live broadcasts helps enhance the experience for viewers.

With StreamYard’s built-in background music feature, you can now easily add background music to your live streams.

Let's take a look at why you consider playing background music in your live streams, along with how.

Why Play Background Music In Your Live Streams?

1. To make them look and sound professional

If you seek studio-grade production quality, adding background music to your live broadcasts can help. You can easily add a great ambiance to your live streams and up the production value with backing music or a music bed.

2. To engage the viewers better

Live streams thrive on engagement, and as background music delivers aural interest, you’re highly likely to keep the viewers focused on your message. So, when you add music, you can engage viewers better by setting a tone for your live stream and enjoy more views along the way.

3. To create different moods

Background music serves as a fantastic way to elevate self-expression in your live streams. With different types of audio, you can create different moods. For example, if you want to evoke a happy emotion during your live stream, playing upbeat music can help.

4. To fill in the dead air

Every live broadcast has a tendency to get boring. For example, if your live stream is an interview series, and the topic isn't interesting, it can feel bland, especially when the conversation gets stale. At this point, viewers might decide to tune out. Adding background music can help fill in moments that can otherwise feel dull. Add a layer of music to your broadcast to fill the dead air and bring more energy into your live broadcast.

When To Play Background Music?

While you can keep the background music on for the entire duration of your live broadcast, here are a few key moments that need music to avoid losing viewers’ interest and prevent their minds from wandering:

  • At the beginning of your stream – Background music as an intro, paired with a fullscreen overlay, can hook the viewers and set the mood for the rest of the broadcast.
  • To introduce guests – If you have guests, you can play background music to introduce them. A fun way here could be to play a particular “theme song” for recurring guests.
  • As a “music bed” – Playing background music as you speak or explain something can set a tone for the live stream. Add an ambient instrumental track in the background, and you’re sure to break the monotony that may otherwise make you lose views.
  • To cover up unwanted noises – You can also use a background score to cover up technical sounds like a mic’s hiss and buzz or the sound of a fan or an air conditioner.

There are many ways to use background music in your live streams. If you want to learn more about incorporating music in live streams, here’s a useful guide.

How To Play Background Music In StreamYard

Playing background music in StreamYard is easy. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Create a broadcast

Go to StreamYard, click “Create a broadcast” and then “New broadcast”. Next, fill in the broadcast details and enter the broadcast studio.

Step 2: Click “Brand”

Inside the broadcast studio, click “Brand” on the right.

Step 3: Go To The “Background Music” Section

Now, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll find the “Background Music” section.

You can now play your preferred background music by hovering on the track and hitting the “Play” tab.

To stop the song, go to the track again and hit “Stop”.

Step 4: Adjust The Settings

You can increase or decrease the volume of the track using the slider. And if you want to play the track on repeat, check the “Loop” box. To stop the track when it’s finished, uncheck the “Loop” option.

That’s it!

Playing background music in StreamYard takes just these simple steps.

You can watch the tutorial here:

FAQs On Playing Background Music

Can I Upload My Own Background Music In StreamYard?

No, at this time, uploading your music isn’t allowed inside StreamYard.

If you want to add your own custom background music, be sure to watch this video.

​​Can I Fade Out Background Music When Turning Off A Track?

The option to fade in and out the background music isn’t available right now. However, you can always adjust the volume slider.

Is The Background Music Feature Available For All StreamYard Users?

Yes, the background music option is available across all StreamYard plans.

Does The Background Music Sync Between All The Participants?

Yes, when you play background music in StreamYard, all of your guests will hear it.

Who Can Control The Background Music In StreamYard?

The host, admins, or co-hosts can control the background music feature in StreamYard.

The Takeaway

Like any other part of live streaming, playing background music in your live broadcasts is a skill.

With practice, you’ll learn how to strike the right balance between your voice and how loud the background music is. This way your live streams don’t just convey the message but are also engaging enough to bring in more views down the line.

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