If you are looking for the best acoustic panels to improve your audio when live streaming, you've come to the right place.

Good acoustics make vocals big, and if you are a broadcaster, you understand the importance of having good audio quality.

All of your live stream gear, lighting setup, computer devices, studio makeovers, and anything else you may invest in is useless if you have poor sound.

For the best possible audio quality, here's what you'll need:

  • Block outside noise
  • Absorb stray sound waves
  • Diffuse sounds that shouldn't belong (including echo and clatter)
  • Pick the right microphones with appropriate stands or boom arm extensions

The sound output for live streaming depends on your choice of microphones, microphone boom arms, tabletop microphone stands, and software for audio processing. That's why we emphasize these aspects of live streaming gear so much.

Then, there's the whole science of soundproofing your room. One of the easiest ways to achieve some semblance of soundproofing is to use acoustic panels.

What Is An Acoustic Panel?

An acoustic panel is a soft-furnished panel that absorbs sound and reduces background noise in a space. When placed strategically in a room, an acoustic panel can also absorb reverberation and echo, removing residual sound and improving the overall sound quality.

Available in a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and dimensions, they also add to the aesthetics of a room.

Why Do You Need An Acoustic Panel For Live Streaming?

For starters, an acoustic panel helps control noise junk – muffling, echoes, reverberation, etc. By reducing background noise, acoustic panels avoid distractions and improve sound clarity in your live streams.

They also increase privacy by minimizing noise transmission from one room to another. So, if you live with someone and don't want the sound to leak to other rooms whenever you go live, picking one of the best acoustic panels makes absolute sense.

If you are in a room with a lot of windows and high ceilings, any sound you make will simply bounce around the room. This can cause your vocals to sound hollow and empty. Adding acoustic panels can help reduce the noise.

Smart live streamers recognize the importance of products that deliver functionality while improving the style and appearance of their live streaming setup. Acoustic panels are available in various styles. And, they can be customized to adapt to your brand. This means they can help enhance not just the sound but also the visual aspect of your live streaming strategy.

So, if you want to take your live streaming studio up a notch, consider soundproofing with some of the best acoustic panels available today.

Best Acoustic Panels For Live Streaming

1. Elgato Wave Panels

The Elgato Wave Panels are top-of-the-range acoustic panels with excellent design and features. This makes them perfect for both live streaming beginners and pros.

These proprietary EasyClick Frames can be installed effortlessly. All that's needed is to snap them together, and you'll be able to create a constellation. And as these are lightweight, these constellations can then be mounted on one or two screws. In fact, most of the time, the supplied tesa ® adhesive strips are more than enough to keep them in place.

Featuring dual-density construction (low-density ripple foam and high-density fiber), the Wave Panels work wonders in absorbing sound. There's also a concealed air pocket for added sound trapping.

What you get in the end is studio-quality acoustics with an all-around tonal balance for just $99.99.

2. GIK Acoustics VISO Booth (Portable Vocal ISOlation Booth)

GIK Acoustics has a range of products as far as acoustic foam panels go. If you're looking for a portable vocal isolation solution, the VISO Booth is worth trying.

Just pick up the VISO booth and plant it on the desk surrounding your microphone setup – instead of dealing with walls, surfaces, fixtures, and drilling holes.

Two angled plates with acoustics panels screwed to them already come pre-packed (with appropriate holes in panel frames to match).

So, for $136.85, you get a V-shaped screen that works with your existing microphone and mic stand. You also get requisite adapters, screws, and other accessories to get all of it together and working for you.

3. Acousmatic DIY421 Acoustic Panel Kit

This Acousmatic kit is a true DIY acoustic panel option for live streaming.

The kit contains a wooden frame, pre-measured fabric pieces, insulation core (of your choice), optional wood backing, and installation hardware.

For the fabric style, you can choose from Suede, DMD, and executive (we hear that there are more than 50+ fabric styles in total). For the insulation core, pick from the mineral wood core, ECO core, and what the Acousmatic calls Owen's Corning.

Starting at $35.95, this works out to be a great option if you are looking for the best DIY acoustic panel options on a shoestring.

4. ATS Acoustic Panels with Original Fabric

The ATS Acoustic Panels sit comfortably in one of the top spots in the high-end acoustic panels market. Ideal for live streaming and recording studios, these reduce reflections from the room's hard surfaces, keeping the sound clear.

In addition, these are useful in smoothing out the frequency response of the space – giving your live audience an enhanced audio experience.

Available in 2" and 4" thicknesses, these panels start at $41.45. You can choose the 2" thick panels if you wish to reduce room reverb and make audio clear. The 4" panels absorb more bass, making them a perfect choice for those in need of low-frequency corner traps.

5. Pro Studios Acoustics 12"x12"x2" Acoustic Wedge Foam Tiles

Foam tiles are the only way to go should you want a versatile acoustic panel to get a clean audio output without burning a hole in your pocket, and the Pro Studios Acoustics foam ticks all the right boxes.

Designed with extra additives for acoustical sound absorption, each piece of this product is precision machine cut to offer straight edges and uniform sizes.

Applicable for live streaming setups, home or office studios, recording studios, and even home entertainment zones, the Pro Studios acoustic foams come uncompressed to provide you with clean audio output.

At a price tag of $69.99, this Amazon product comes in a 12 pack box, covering around 12 square feet (with each tile being 1 square foot and 2 inches thick). Given the choice of colors these acoustic panels are available in, be sure to pick one that blends in (or stands out -- whatever your style) with your live streaming setup.

6. TroyStudio Acoustic Studio Absorption Foam Panel

While live streamers don't need acoustic foam panels good enough for Hollywood-level video production, it won't hurt to aim for that quality.

These acoustic foam panels from TroyStudio work amazingly well to cancel room reverb, echo, noise, etc., thereby improving the sound clarity. Plus, it's eco-friendly, non-toxic, and features a modern wave-style design that adds a great style to any live streaming setup.

In terms of installation, this soft and flexible sound absorption foam can be easily cut and installed. You can also buy spray adhesive separately for better results. For $14.99, it's one of the best acoustic panels for live streaming.

7. Mybecca Acoustic Foam Wedge Soundproofing Wall Tiles

The most crucial feature of an acoustic panel is its noise reduction ability. And Mybecca offers a full range of acoustic foams and panels that can do this.

With their uniform wedge design, the Acoustic Foam Wedge Soundproofing Wall Tiles fantastically trap airborne noise. This assists in reducing reverb, waves, and flutter echoes.

Moreover, these come uncompressed and in perfect condition for use in live streaming studios. Each panel is 1 square foot by 1 inch thick and works well in smaller to medium-sized rooms.

For $19.80, this 12 tiles pack comes highly recommended.

8. SoundAssured 2 Inch Acoustic Foam Pyramid Style Panels

SoundAssured was founded to help musicians produce music without having to sell their arms and legs for renting/using professional recording studios. Then, all sorts of use cases popped up -- including video production, home recording use cases, and live streaming (of course).

So, here we are, telling you why these acoustic foam pyramid-style panels are perfect for your live broadcasting requirements. While these panels are available in various thickness options, from 1" up to 4", the 2-inch thick acoustic foam is more suitable for a live streaming studio.

With a better overall sound absorption, it takes care of the mid to high-frequency ranges and is available in 13 colors (with matching colors for brass traps).

Starting at $24.95 for a 4 tile-pack of 12x12x2" panel, this SoundAssured product also comes with Class A (Self Extinguishing) rating for ASTM E 84.

Final Thoughts

We get it: improving the sound quality of your live streams is an evolutionary process. If you're not a regular live streamer, an acoustic panel may seem indulgent. But, trust us, it's not.

The right product can be a game-changer by improving your audio quality and reducing background and unwanted noise.

There are scores of options on the market. However, the budget-friendly acoustic panels mentioned on this list are a great place to start to improve the sound quality of your live streams.

That said, if you need more help choosing the right tools for your live streaming setup, check these out.

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