Live streaming gives us the ability to connect with our audience directly. But is live streaming easier than you think? Maybe not. You have to get all our ducks in a row first. This is where picking one of the best microphone stands for live streaming comes into the picture.

What Is A Microphone Stand?

A microphone stand is one of the many microphone mounting options available. It's a free-standing mount that you can use to position your mic without having to hold it. So, if you're recording a podcast or talking to your audience during a live broadcast, you can attach your mic to the top of a mic stand and not worry about holding it in your hand all the time. This makes it easier for you to focus on looking into the camera and making eye contact with your viewers while minimizing distractions.

Some of the top quality mic stands usually come with an adjustable height (usually with a telescopic boom arm stand or shaft), a solid base to hold the stand and the microphone, a cable management system, etc.

Similar to mini desktop tripods for cameras (and smartphones), microphone stands sit on your desktop in a way that's easily accessible, saves space, is ergonomic, and helps clear clutter on your desk.

Do You Really Need Microphone Stands For Live Streaming?

Audio is critical for live streaming success. As such, there are various ways to ensure that your microphone delivers the best it can if you mount it on a solid stand. In addition, it helps you avoid the exhaustion of holding your mic in your hand throughout a live broadcast.

And it's beneficial if you're a gamer or producing a live stream where your hands are preoccupied – think about delivering a tutorial or playing an instrument that requires both hands. Or maybe you need to switch between different layouts using your Stream Deck and hotkeys?

Almost all mic stands are height adjustable, so you can expect comfort and efficiency when you use one.

A good stand also ensures that your mic stays protected when not in use. Otherwise, where will you store it to keep it safe from damage?

What Are The Types Of Microphone Stands?

Choosing your pick from one of the best microphone stands for live streaming -- with variations such as desk-mounted, tripod, or low-profile -- is a matter of preference, desk space, ergonomics, budget, and more. Here are the different types of microphone stands you can explore:

  • Tripod Stands: Probably the most common mic stand around, these have three legs that make the base.

  • Round Base Stands: These mic stands feature a round base, and hence the name. Although similar to standard tripod stands, these have a much smaller footprint and are pretty heavy.

  • Desktop Stands: Desktop or tabletop microphone stands "sit" on your desk close to where you sit (as against being held and suspended).

  • Boom Stands: These stand on a round base or a tripod-style base (tripod boom stand) with an arm attached to the vertical pole that leans in to allow you to mount microphones. These are mainly used if you want a more extended reach and wish to adjust your mic to any angle.

  • Low Profile Stands: These can be considered a smaller version of the tripod boom stands. Usually used to record sound from instruments like kick drums, these have a low-profile or short height for both the stand and the boom arm.

  • Overhead Stands: Being one of the most expensive, sturdy and best quality mic stands available today, overhead stands come with a solid base. This means they are great if you want exceptional stability. They also feature boom arms that can be extended much further than a tripod boom stand. If you want to capture sound from far and high (for example, while recording music), this one should be your choice.

Best Microphone Stands For Live Streaming: Our Recommendations

1. RØDE DS1 Desktop Microphone Stand

The RØDE DS1 is a compact tabletop stand compatible with all RØDE microphones. So, if you use a RØDE mic, take advantage of the DS1 along with an impressive list of accessories such as microphone clips, shock mounts, pivoting boom arm adaptors, and more for a trouble-free audio experience.

Weighing just about 980 grams, this durable product is nearly perfect for any live streaming studio environment.

When using a desktop stand, make sure the microphone isn't too low. You typically want to have your microphone about a foot away from your mouth to get a rich, warm sound. If it is too low, your audience will struggle to hear you, and you don't want that.


Boom arms are a great way to go live while having your mic at the perfect angle, and the RØDE PSA1 ticks all the right boxes.

Boasting a unique parallelogram design, this fantastic product keeps the mic direction stable as the height is adjusted. Then, there are internal springs that allow a lot more freedom to move your mic the way you want without having to worry about noisy movements ruining your viewer's live streaming experience. You also get both threaded desk insert and desk mount clamp.

Supporting microphone and shock mount/clip weighing up to 1.1kg, it may not be the most robust mic stand on the market, but the PSA1 will make your live streams less stressful without costing a fortune.

3. On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Mic Stand

Need an unobtrusive, compact, and simple microphone stand? Take a look at what the On-Stage DS7200B has to offer.

With an adjustable height of 9"-13", it's perfect for short-height miking and precise positioning -- just as close to your live streaming setup as possible.

The low-profile design doesn't stand out, and the removable shaft allows you to attach standard accessories while live streaming.

With a round base diameter of 6" and a weight of 2 lbs, it'll keep your microphone stable and balanced. Moreover, the nonslip rubber feet are a great addition to reduce vibrations and prevent mic rumble.

One other nice feature about this microphone stand is that it comes apart, which can be great if you need to travel with it. Keep in mind, it is on the heavier side.

4. Samson MD5 Desktop Microphone Stand

The Samson MD5 comes with a solid, die-cast metal round base measuring 6.25" in width to ensure excellent stability for any mic.

This 5" high desktop mic stand delivers optimal mic positioning on a desk and is compatible with most microphones.

5. Elgato Wave Mic Arm LP

The Wave Mic Arm LP Luxe is one of Elgato's top-end boom stands. And although marketed as a premium buy, it offers a lot to justify the rather hefty price tag. A ball head, tension-adjustable joints, and 360-degree elbow rotation are some of its features that can woo any content creator looking for a mic stand that does more than just let you talk.

Add to it a padded clamp that's expandable up to 2.4 in, and you'll have a winner straight out the box. Moreover, unlike most products on this list, the Elgato Wave Mic Arm LP doesn't take much real estate. You can easily move it away when not in need and swing it back when it's time for action.

6. König & Meyer 23105 Table Microphone Stand

This one from König & Meyer is a no-nonsense microphone stand with a classic design perfect for a desktop-based live streaming setup. Featuring a sturdy plastic round base with collapsible plastic tripod legs and 3/8" thread for mounting your microphone, it is one of the best microphone stands for live streaming.

7. RØDE Mini Tripod Stand

Another popular offering from RØDE, this one features a familiar "mini tripod" style design.

Specifically made for desktop or tabletops, this collapsible tripod stand is designed to mount contemporary, lightweight microphones supporting either 1/4" or 3/8" mounting. It also gives you a flexible, 360-degree rotation and a wide-angle of vertical adjustment for ease of use during live streaming.

If you choose to go with a mini tripod stand, be sure it offers the ultimate support for your microphone. Some microphones are very heavy and work best with heavy tripod stands.

8. Samson MD2 Desktop Microphone Stand

Yet another offering from Samson, the Samson MD2 desktop microphone stand packs in utility along with aesthetics as far as your live stream gear and setup go.

The Samson MD2 desktop mic stand is perfect for live broadcasting as it sits almost inconspicuously with its low-profile design.

Equipped with a telescopic boom arm, the height of the stand is adjustable from 6" to 9". The die-cast metal round base with a 4" diameter gives your microphone the stability it needs while letting you mount it with a standard microphone clip.

9. Auray TT-6220 Telescoping Tabletop Microphone Stand

The Auray TT-6220 telescoping tabletop microphone stand comes with a solid, weighted, round base of 6.20", three nonslip rubber feet, and is height-adjustable from 8.3" to 13.5". It's small, unobtrusive, and stable.

The telescoping height adjustment allows you the flexibility you need as far as positioning the microphone goes. The Auray TT-6220 also comes with a cable guide that enables you to keep those microphone wires off your sight.

10. Atlas All-purpose Mic Stand Chrome (AtlasIED MS-10C)

Slightly different from the rest of the microphone stands on this list, the AtlasIED MS-10C is an all-purpose product that is a perfect choice for microphones if you don't want to go with a desktop mic stand.

The AtlasIEC microphone stand comes with a single-piece circular base to ensure maximum stability, thanks to the edge-concentrated weight distribution and the rubber mats that absorb shocks while protecting floor surfaces.

It's worth mentioning that AtlasIED's famous three-piece clutch offers fast and noise-free height adjustment. This is also helped, in part, by the top and bottom lock-nut rings included for versatile and secure positioning.


Having a live streaming setup with the right equipment can free you to focus on creating exceptional live broadcasts that drive engagement and bring you leads. So, get one of the best microphone stands for smooth sailing on your live streams.

And if you want a tripod to accelerate your live streaming efforts and ease the process, check out our top recommendations.

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