What if you could save precious prep time, speed up your live streams, and be more confident on camera?

This is where using a teleprompter can help.

You may be asking, what is a teleprompter, and how does it work?

Also known as autocues, teleprompters use a beam splitter mirror to display the script in front of a camera. This allows for eye contact with the camera, forming a closer connection with the audience and creating more organic-like videos.

Due to their convenience and time-saving capabilities, teleprompters have been used in production houses for quite a while now.

Think of them as friends holding up cardboard signs with your script on them, but better.

Why do you need a teleprompter for live streaming?

Livestreams, presidential speeches, announcements, and YouTube videos all have one thing in common – they require large texts of speech to be delivered effortlessly.

As any content creator out there knows, speeches are hard. They require the speaker to be organic, conversational, and engaging to capture viewers' attention. While memorizing the script is certainly possible, it's inefficient because it takes hours of effort and still leaves room for errors. It can also appear unnatural.

Often, you think you've done an excellent job. But when you watch your saved live video, you realize that you failed to address critical points!

What do you do? Some people will redo their live stream on the same topic, which takes more time and effort.

Chances are, you're reading this because you're tired of memorizing scripts or reading from your notepad and would like to adopt a more professional approach.

The good news is, teleprompters are just what you need.

In this guide, we share our top picks and cover the basics.

The Best Teleprompters for Live Streaming: Buying Guide 

Camera: The primary consideration is your camera. Which camera will you use for live streaming? Is it a DSLR or simply your smartphone's built-in camera? Based on the size of your device, you'll need a teleprompter that's perfect for mounting it.

Readability Range: Depending on the space you have, decide on a teleprompter that's easy to read from. Most devices come with a specified readability range. Make sure your preferred one has a readability range that suits your real estate. Another factor that has an impact on the range is the live streamer's vision. For example, if it's 20/20, they will be able to read from a smaller screen even if it's 15 feet away.

Source: What will you use to read prompts? Is it your iPad, smartphone, or laptop? Picking one of the best teleprompters for live streaming for you depends on the type of source you have available.

Screen Size: Since a teleprompter essentially helps you read your script, choosing the correct screen size is an important consideration here. Note that the screen size will determine the text size, which will ensure your ease of using the teleprompter. While smaller monitors are great for smaller spaces where you'd want to be close to the teleprompter, you'll need a big screen if you have a studio where you plan to keep the monitor at a considerable distance from you.

Portability: If you are going to live stream from different places, then pay special attention to your teleprompter's mobility. It should be durable and easy to transport, offering enough portability to go live from wherever you want.

10 Best Teleprompters for Live Streaming

1. Glide Gear TMP 100

The Glide Gear TMP 100 is one of the best choices out there for portable and heavy-duty autocue teleprompters.

It's designed with an impact-resistant HD glass that offers a 70/30 visible light transmission and provides a 10 ft reading range.

Other design features include a frame, adjustable tripod rack, as well as a versatile tablet mount. The adjustable tablet mount of up to 10.5 x 7.5 Inches is especially important because it can be pretty annoying to own multiple devices for production uses, but the Glide Gear makes it easy to use your existing device.

It's also fairly easy to travel with - it weighs only 6lbs (2.7kg) and comes with its compact carry case. And, hey, portability doesn't mean sacrificing quality. While most teleprompters have plastic builds, this model has a sturdy, high-quality aluminum body that isn't breaking anytime soon. If you're going to be stationary, the Glide Gear TMP 100 is a great choice. If you need to be mobile, you may want to consider a more portable model.

For $199, the Glide Gear TMP 100 delivers excellent value.

2. Padcaster Parrot Smartphone Teleprompter

Looking for a portable teleprompter that's just as affordable? The Padcaster Parrot Smartphone Teleprompter is the best option around. The Parrot mounts to any smartphone, sets up in minutes and displays perfectly crisp text. This teleprompter uses the same 30R/70T beam splitter glass that the Glide Gear TMP 100 uses but costs only half the price.

Adding to its fantastic versatility is its absolutely light weight (read: 0.4 lb).

There's also the Parrot Bluetooth Remote to help you better control the free Parrot app. And it comes with thirteen mounting rings that can attach to any size camera lens.

At $99, this is a great, smaller option for those looking for a portable all-rounder.

3. Desview T2 Broadcast Teleprompter

The T2 Broadcast Teleprompter from Desview should be on your shortlist if you're looking for a beam splitter glass with up to 97% light transmittance. With its trapezoid design, this one ensures you get a larger vision and easy-to-read prompts. It also universally supports flexible tablets (below 8 inches) and smartphone prompting along with DSLR shooting.

Those concerned about portability would love the T2 for its 340g, lightweight, and portable design.

And for those live streamers who love to shoot from their smartphones, this one is a boon with its compatibility with smartphone shooting. Costing just $89, it also comes with a free remote control and nine professional lens adapter rings.

4. Glide Gear TMP 50 Smartphone Mini Teleprompter

This is another excellent option for creators who shoot solely on their smartphones and don't want to invest in a dual-compatible teleprompter. It's small, collapsible, and entirely portable.

And even though it doesn't support an iPad, it accommodates any smartphone or tablet up to 6.7". You can even use an action camera with it, as long as it's set at a narrow-angle. Like its other sibling, the Glide Gear TMP 100, this one also offers a 70/30 visible light transmission and a 10 ft reading range but costs only $99.

5. Proaim Universal iPad Teleprompter Kit for DSLR Video Camera

It's hard to think of another teleprompter that offers the same combination of performance and compatibility as this kit from Proaim.

Most suitable for corporate live events or live streams featuring multiple guests, this one boasts a stunningly large screen with a 15 ft reading range and a 60/40 beam splitter. It's also quick to set up and easy to use. Plus, there's a self-shoot mode to help you read easily from the teleprompter.

Along with the well-designed device, you get cotton snug-fit hand gloves for hassle-free gripping that doesn't leave marks and scratches on the glass.  At a price point of $363, this is the complete teleprompter kit we'd recommend for professional live streamers.

6. Telmax PROIPEX Universal Smartphone -Tablet - iPad Teleprompter

Next up is the Telmax PROIPEX with its metal construction yet portable design making it one of the best teleprompters for live streaming. Being a through camera teleprompter, it positions the camera behind a two-way mirror for easy readability while looking directly into the camera lens.

It differentiates itself with the universal tablet mount that fits all tablets and smartphones under 10". It also has a 9" X 11-1/2" trapezoidal beam-splitter mirror and supports most cameras and lenses. For $399, it succeeds in delivering a stellar performance.

7. Desview T3 Teleprompter

If you liked the Desview T2, you may like the T3 even more – thanks to its retractable base that can be extended to 40mm for accommodating smartphones or tablets up to 11 inches.

Not only does it come with a 26-layer coating beam splitter glass (70/30), but it also offers 97% high light transmittance for those clear prompts. In addition, its easy-to-pull lid provides enough protection to the reflection mirror from scratches, stains, and fingerprints.

Available at a price point of $119, this one is an excellent buy for prompting devices under 11".

8. Ikan PT-Elite Pro

Looking for a teleprompter for larger tablets like the Apple iPad Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro? This one from Ikan is your best bet. Featuring an adjustable glass frame and quick release base plate, it still is lightweight and portable.

Glass-wise, it is a beast. The American-made scientific-grade 70/30 teleprompter glass delivers excellent clarity and is highly durable. There's also a magnetic hood and an almost tool-less design.

And although it's a perfect choice for larger prompting devices, it wonderfully supports tablets measuring as small as 6 x 9 inches.

At $749.99, it brilliantly rivals much pricier models.

9. Glide Gear TMP 75 Laptop Smartphone Prompt/DSLR Video Teleprompter

We've already seen two Glide Gears on this list, so what makes this one special? Well, the Glide Gear TMP 75 is laptop mountable. Like most of the devices on this list, this one can accommodate DSLR or Mirrorless cameras, but it works with most laptops with built-in webcams as well. And, of course, you can also use it with an external webcam.

With no assembly required, the $179 Glide Gear TMP 75 is clearly a terrific option for those who want one of the best teleprompters for live streaming that works with a webcam.

10. Ikan PT3700

Now here's something for the advanced teleprompter seekers. The Ikan PT3700 is ideal for live streaming pros who need to add an ace device to their live production studio. With solid, aluminum, and steel construction and a 15mm Rod base system, it's durable as well as easy to set up and transport.

Other features include a high-quality 70/30 teleprompter glass and a dual-purpose unique base plate that supports various cameras. With the hefty price tag of $1,860, it comes with three height adjustment rods, 75mm, 130mm, and 200mm, and comes in reusable custom-cut foam.

The Best Teleprompter Application: Our Recommendation

We've covered the hardware, but is that enough?

Not really. All teleprompters require an iOS and Android compatible app that can relay the script in real-time. A lot of these apps are free and include features that make video production a breeze! The PromptSmart Pro at $19.99 is our top pick for this category. It uses a super minimalist design, is user-friendly, and its lite version is free!

Perhaps its most distinguishing feature is VoiceTrack that uses voice recognition to auto-scroll through the text while you're talking. This creates a natural pace for your videos, and you won't have to stress about scrolling, because they often pause when you stop speaking.

It's compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, which means you can import all your speeches anytime and anywhere.

Not a fan of scripts? Use the NoteCard Format to outline the main talking points to make sure everything is covered.

Teleprompter and Camera Placement

So, you've done it. You've found one of the best teleprompters for live streaming. But when you use it before going live, you realize it looks like you're reading from a book. Your eyes move from left to right, your expression barely changes, and it all seems pretty robotic. Much of this has to do with camera placement.

Working with teleprompters can be a challenge if you're a beginner, so take some time to get comfortable with the device. Adjust your tripod by trying different distances and heights to find the one that works for you.

Ideally speaking, it should be at a distance that the camera doesn't catch your eye movement from left to right, and the height should be adjusted in a way that you can naturally make eye contact with the camera.

To find out more on how to use a teleprompter for live streaming, read this.

Tablet or Smartphone – Which one should I use with a teleprompter?

The current industry standard is most definitely a tablet because it provides better readability, customization, and compatibility with teleprompters.

If you're just starting as a content creator, live streamer, or travel blogger, then using a smartphone as a teleprompter might be the best option for you. Smartphones are smaller than tablets which increases their portability. Another upside to using smartphones instead of tablets is that all of them can be easily connected via Bluetooth, which means no pesky wires and ports causing issues in your video production.

And what's a good teleprompter alternative?

It's okay, we get it! Teleprompters are not for everyone. If you're new to the world of live streaming and would like a simple device to make eye contact with the audience, then consider investing in a PlexiCam.

Marketed as a teleprompter alternative, this simple gadget consists of a plexiglass structure that fits directly onto your laptop or smartphone screen and mounts an extensive array of cameras.

The on-screen mount allows you to look into the camera while simultaneously reading the script.

It's efficient, simple to use, and starts from only $45.

Final Thoughts

Live streaming is amazing. It offers an excellent opportunity to deliver value and gain some loyal fans on the internet. And, if you need, you must use a teleprompter to improve your overall live experience.

We hope the list mentioned above will help you pick one of the best teleprompters for live streaming. So, get the device you liked the most and always be camera-ready!

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