To most creators and live streamers, tools like a microphone, camera, tripod, and green screen need almost no explaining. These are the tools you can’t really do without when it comes to live streaming and video production. However, there’s another must-have piece of equipment if you use a DSLR or mirrorless camera for producing live videos. It’s a dummy battery for live streaming!

In this guide, we’ll walk through what a dummy battery is, why do you need it for live streaming, some of the best picks out there, and answer some commonly asked questions.

What Is A Dummy Battery?

A dummy battery is a battery with a power adapter that goes into your regular camera battery slot. While it’s shaped like a regular battery, it has a cable sticking out from one end. All you need to do is plug that cable into a power outlet, which can be a wall plug, a USB outlet, etc.

Why Use A Dummy Battery For Live Streaming?

For all the quality it offers, using a DSLR or mirrorless camera for live streams comes with certain challenges. Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself juggling with your camera shutting off midstream or changing the battery of an overheated camera.

This is where having a dummy battery takes these woes away, as it’s powered using an electrical outlet via the power adapter, which is often a USB port. As a result, your camera stays on for hours without overheating.

Instead of the heat produced from the battery staying inside of your camera, it is moved outside, allowing the camera to stay cool while being operated for long stretches.

So, if you are fed up with changing batteries in between your live broadcasts or getting cut off while sharing something important with your audience, consider investing in a dummy battery to improve and accelerate your live video production.

With most dummy batteries bearing a low-price tag, you can buy a good dummy battery for live streaming without burning a hole in your pocket. So, let’s touch all the bases with our top recommendations for dummy batteries.

Best Dummy Batteries For Live Streaming

1. Gonine AC-PW20

Compatible with most Sony cameras, this dummy battery from Gonine is ETL, UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certified. In addition, this product offers over-voltage, overheat protection, overcharge, and short circuit protection to provide you with complete peace of mind as you go live with your external camera.

2. F1TP AC-PW20 Dummy Battery Kit

The F1TP AC-PW20 dummy battery kit is loaded with features. The ABS + PC materials, pure copper cable core, built-in chip, and class VI energy efficiency, just to name a few. It also offers multiple protections such as overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature, shortage, and lightning protection. This ensures safe and reliable usage of your Sony camera.

3. Kimaru LP-E10 Dummy Battery

This one is for Canon users. If you have a compatible Canon camera, then the LP-E10 dummy battery is the perfect choice to live stream for hours using the cam. To ensure hassle-free use, it comes with an anti-interference magnetic ring, an LED indicator, and a super long cable.

It’s also FCC, CE, UL, CUL, ETL, GS certified and features Class VI energy efficiency. As with most products on the list, this one also has over-heated, over-charge, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection.

4. Glorich ACK-E12

This dummy battery kit is another top pick to live stream using most Canon cameras. Besides boasting a solid built with high-quality plastic, copper wire, and metal, it also offers a one-year warranty. Plus, the kit includes a DC coupler, an AC adapter, and an AC wire for versatility. So, get it for its quality make and compact design, you’d not be disappointed.

5. Neewer AC-PW20

If you own a Sony DSLR or mirrorless camera, do check its compatibility with this dummy battery from Neewer. Apart from a built-in fully decoded protective circuit, it also features built-in protection of high-power booster overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit. It’s also UL, PSE, IC, RCM, CE, FCC, GS, and RoHS certified to deliver a safe and stable power supply to your camera.

6. STRATUS AC Power Supply System with NP-FZ100 Dummy Battery

Available for use with select Sony Cameras, this power supply system is perfect to use anywhere in the world, thanks to its high-quality, switchable AC power adapter.

If you’re looking for safe and stable use, the IC + MOS with an over-current protection feature will impress you. It also has short and overload circuit protection. And its compact and lightweight design means you can easily store it or carry it with you for those live streams on the go.


Can I Keep My Camera On 24/7 Using A Dummy Battery?

While you can, it isn’t advisable. Although, you can keep the dummy battery plugged in 24/7. But don’t forget to switch off all the equipment when it’s not in use.

Is A Battery Dummy Safe For My Camera?

You can either buy an official one from your camera’s manufacturer or invest in a trusted dummy battery to avoid frying your camera. Of course, it also makes sense to check the reviews before you go ahead and buy a dummy battery for live streaming. For the most part, any brand will do. We need to prefer more of the name-brand ones from Neewer among others.

Is A Dummy Battery Better Than USB Charging?

First of all, not all DSLRs and mirrorless cameras support USB charging. Secondly, even if you have a camera that supports USB charging, you should still use a quality dummy battery to prevent issues like overheating.

If you plug your camera into a USB port and try to charge it and run it at the same time, you also risk damaging your camera due to the amount of heat that is being generated.

A dummy battery acts as the power source to keep the camera running.

Keep Those Live Broadcasts Powered Up With A Dummy Battery

To ensure your live streams deliver the greatest impact on your viewers, your camera shouldn’t ditch you during the live broadcasts. So, hold your audience’s attention without worrying about those black screens or changing batteries. Use a dummy battery for live streaming and keep those live broadcasts coming.

And, if you want to improve your video quality with ring lights, don’t forget to check our top recommendations.

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