With a competitive job market, you have to find a way to set yourself apart from other candidates. One way to do this, and give you a competitive edge, is by creating a video resume.

In this guide, we'll share some excellent tips on making a video resume, along with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a video resume with StreamYard.

First, let's dig into what a video resume is and why you need one.

What Is A Video Resume?

A video resume is short video footage of a candidate wherein they share an overview of their skills, experience, and personality.

Think of it as a visual, interactive form of your paper resume. Although you can be as creative as you want while making your video resume, the key is to keep it short (preferably between 60 to 90 seconds), and to sell your best qualifications to a would-be recruiter.

Why Should You Make A Video Resume?

If you've been looking for that extra element in your resume that sets you up for success, it's going video.

Here's why:

  • Some employers require it – For recruitment, some companies might ask you to provide your video resume to see you in action – which is why you should always have one ready with you.
  • There's so much to tell – For professionals with extensive experience, explaining everything through a paper resume becomes a challenge. However, using a video resume, you can give a brief highlight of your experience and leave an impact on the hiring manager.
  • You can bring the magic of storytelling to your resume – A digital resume isn't just about standing in front of a camera and speaking. It's about telling your story and leaving a solid impression on the audience. Make this chance count by including different scenes in your resume and be creative as you do it.
  • Demonstrate your skills rather than writing about them – Some jobs are better described in action than writing. So, if you are an actor, artist, or teacher, a digital resume can help you demonstrate your skills. If you're applying for a client-facing role, such as a salesperson, a video resume can also show how well you do with people.
  • Give a sense of your personality – Not all recruiters are the same. Some prefer to have a sense of a candidate's personality before judging their suitability for a job role. A video resume can help shine a light on your personality, style, and the way you communicate.

How To Make A Video Resume With StreamYard

Here's how to use StreamYard to create a fantastic video resume using features like branding, slide sharing, screen sharing, etc.

Step 1: Log In And Create A Broadcast

Log into your StreamYard account, click "Create a broadcast" and then "New broadcast".

Step 2: Select "Record Only"

Next, when it comes to adding destinations, select "Record only" on the right and give your video a title. Once done, click "Create broadcast".

 Step 3: Make A Video Resume With StreamYard

Finally, inside the broadcast studio, adjust your camera and mic settings. Then, add banners by clicking on "Banners" in the toolbar on the right.

You can further customize your video resume by adding overlays, videos, and background using the "Brand" tab on the right.

Once you've recorded your video resume, download it. You can then edit it or share it as it is with the potential recruiters.

7 Tips On Making A Video Resume

As you make a video resume with StreamYard, here are a few tips that can help you get noticed:

1. Draft An Outline

While many would suggest writing a script is essential for creating that perfect video resume, we'd like to differ. Instead, create an outline to avoid sounding robotic and give yourself enough flexibility to let your words flow naturally. Make sure your outline includes your name, the position you want to apply for, why you want it, and why you are a good fit for the job. You can also use a teleprompter to help you stay on track.

The idea is to be prepared so that you don't have to wing it.

2. Record It Right

Recording a video resume requires the right environment. From choosing a quiet location to picking the perfect background and having the requisite tools – a lot goes into filming it right.


To create a solid video resume, be sure you're recording in a quiet location. Decide where you'll make your recording. It could be in your home office. Next, ensure there is sufficient lighting in front of you to avoid shadows over your face. If you wear glasses, try to prevent glare by following these tips.


A good backdrop can make a tremendous impact on your video resume. So, before you make a video resume with StreamYard, choose a professional backdrop or go for a virtual background that can be changed with any picture of your choice. But ensure the background isn't too busy or loaded with different patterns to divert attention from your message. Remember, you only have a few seconds to leave an impact. Make them count.


You don't need high-end tools to record your video resume. You can use your webcam or even your smartphone. To make the process seamless, use StreamYard's record-only mode to enhance your video for your resume.


When recording your video resume, divide it into different segments using the outline. Be comfortable and confident, and don't be afraid of doing several recordings. You can always go back and edit till you get a natural-looking video resume.

3. Add Music

A video without music is bland. So, consider incorporating music in your video resume either at the start, as an instrumental track in the background, or as you transition from one scene to another. The key is to have something engaging that keeps the viewers hooked to the resume rather than distracting them from you as the primary focus.

4. Weave Storytelling Into Your Video Resume

A video resume moves fast. But that doesn't mean you can't weave a story that shares your values, sentiment, and knowledge in a matter of seconds. Instead of simply narrating your achievements, tell your story to help your audience get the most value from your visual resume.

5. Use Visual Elements

From banners to scrolling tickers and even B-roll footage, there's a lot that you can use to support your video resume's narrative. So, have all these elements ready before you make a video resume with StreamYard's recording feature. Again, keep the visual elements simple yet impactful to generate interest without making the end result chaotic.

6. Keep It Brief

As with any video, it is vital to understand your audience. Hiring managers are usually strapped for time. This is why, you need to be quick, relevant, and on track to add weight to your application. Ideally, a 60-second video is good enough to pack a punch.

7. Leave Them With A CTA

Letting the recruiters know what to do next is paramount to your job application's success. So, whether you want them to check your LinkedIn profile or online publications or jump on a call – it doesn't hurt to sign off your video resume with a CTA and drive the action you want.


Is StreamYard's Record-Only Feature Available To All The Users?

No. Currently, this feature is available on the Basic, Professional, and Business plan. So, to make a video resume with StreamYard's record-only feature, you'll need to be on one of these paid plans if you're using the free one.

After Recording My Video Resume, How Long Is It Downloadable?

We store up to 50 hours of video content. Just be sure you have enough storage space before you begin.

How Do I Share My Video Resume?

You can choose to download your finished video from StreamYard and share it with your recruiter. Alternatively, you can also use the "embed and share" option to share your recordings.


Making a video resume with StreamYard is quick and easy. Show your skills professionally and use the tips mentioned above individually or in combination to streamline your video resume-making efforts.

If you need feedback on your video resume, join our free live streaming community to get help from other live streamers.

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