Live streaming your church services is a remarkable way to maximize the reach and power of your faith-based organization. Live streams help foster your conversations by taking them to those who can't attend in-person. Think of it as a tool to reach those at home, work, or in a caregiving facility and still want to be a part of church services. Music is central when live streaming your church service, but for some, it can be challenging to try and show lyrics when live streaming your service.

The reality, though? Figuring out how to share church services online is easier than one may think. The missing link is StreamYard.

In this guide, we will explore different ways to show worship lyrics in church live streams using StreamYard. But first, let's take a look at why you may want to show lyrics on your live streams?

Why show worship lyrics on live streams?

By displaying lyrics during your broadcast, this can encourage better participation in your church live streams. This is because the worship song lyrics are more accessible.

In-person worship often gives easy access to worship lyrics on a screen or in hymnals, but what about at-home participants? Besides sharing the live footage, including worship lyrics can help them sing along and participate with the congregation. Having live access to the worship lyrics becomes highly essential for those with impaired hearing.

So, if you want to produce better church live streams and ensure that the your congregation isn't missing out, show lyrics on your live streams.

With that, let's dive in!

How to show worship lyrics in your church live streams

With StreamYard, you can easily show worship lyrics in your church live streams to make your faith-based service more engaging for viewers. You can use one of the following ways to do that:

Banners in StreamYard

You may already be using banners in StreamYard. But did you know you can show worship lyrics on live streams using banners in your StreamYard broadcast studio?

You can even show them as scrolling tickers.

To add worship lyrics to your banners in StreamYard, click "Banners" in the broadcast studio.

Next, click "+ Create a banner" and add the lyrics. You can also check "Scroll across bottom (ticker)" to have scrolling lyrics during the live feed.

Once you've added the banners, click "Show" to display the chosen lyrics on the screen. To hide the lyrics, tap "Hide".

Using banners to add lyrics in StreamYard is extremely easy and can help enhance your faith-based live streams.

Adding Lower Thirds in StreamYard

Apart from banners, you can also add lower thirds in StreamYard to show lyrics on live streams.

Enter the broadcast studio and click on the "Brand" tab. Then, under "Overlay", click "Add overlay" to add the worship lyrics.

When you're done, check that every section of the lyrics is arranged in the correct order. You can drag your overlays to reorder them.

During your stream, you can click on the text that you want to be displayed on the screen to display it until the song is over.


ProPresenter is the go-to tool when it comes to showing lyrics in faith-based live streams. With the ability to add overlays on your live feed and have multiple playlists, ProPresenter makes church live streams better with lyrics. It also gives the option to import PowerPoint files to have greater control over your slides.

Additionally, you can also import audio files and add countdown timers to your live streams.

You can easily use ProPresenter with StreamYard's screen share feature. All you need is a second monitor connected to your computer, which will be ProPresenter's primary output.

Once that's done, enter the broadcast studio in StreamYard and select the screen share option to share that second monitor.

After it's connected, simply add lyrics to ProPresenter for your audience to see and sing along.

To learn more about using ProPresenter with StreamYard, here's a guide: How To Use ProPresenter With StreamYard.

Google Slides

Faith-based worship lyrics also work great as slides. And, you can easily add them to your live streams with StreamYard.

To do this, head over to Google Slides and create your lyrics slides.

Once your presentation is ready, you can share it using StreamYard's "Share Screen" feature.

An added advantage of using StreamYard to present your Google Slides is that you can switch the slides' view (which is set to full-screen by default).

You can also use Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote to create your lyrics' slides. If you want to use them in Google Slides, you would have to import the slideshow into Google Slides to display them in your StreamYard live stream. Alternatively, you can also start your slides in PowerPoint or Keynote and share them in StreamYard as well.

For more information, here's a quick guide on How to Run A Slideshow Presentation In StreamYard Using Google Slides!

Ready to show lyrics on live streams?

Whether you're just getting started with church live streams or want to make them better, adding worship lyrics is a must if you want to have your congregation join in and sing along during your religious service.

So, keep spreading hope and positivity through your faith-based live broadcasts and level them up with lyrics.

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