Live streaming is a video superpower. Whether you are a content creator or marketer, you need to wield that power to grow your brand. If you are on the popular membership platform Patreon (or are considering joining it), this guide will tell you how to stream on Patreon using StreamYard and elevate your brand.

Let's walk you through the basics first.

What Is Patreon?

Patreon lets you create a subscription base and monetize your content. For fans or patrons, it's a service to pay and support content creators for their work.

In simple terms, Patreon brings artists and fans together. But, how? Let's find out!

How Does Patreon Work?

Before you learn how to stream to Patreon from StreamYard, let's understand how the platform works.

Using Patreon, creators offer certain perks and incentives to their patrons based on tiers. Patrons can then enjoy these perks from their favorite creators in exchange for donations.

Apart from monthly payments, creators can also set up their pages for per-project payments. Creators get complete control over their pages and perks. While some may have a few levels/tiers that may not be too expensive, some creators have several tiers ranging from a few dollars to hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars per month.

Here's an example for some inspiration. A popular creator on Patreon, Kurzgesagt creates science animation videos with over 15,000 patrons supporting them.

If you're all pumped up to show your talent on Patreon, creating live streams is a must. So, let's cut to the chase and get to your live streaming setup on Patreon.

How To Stream On Patreon Using StreamYard

Going live on Patreon from StreamYard is pretty straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into StreamYard

Log into your StreamYard account and click "Create a Broadcast."

Step 2: Create an unlisted YouTube video

Add/choose your YouTube channel as a destination and enter broadcast details, including the Title and Description. To create an unlisted video, click on the Privacy options and select "Unlisted" from the drop-down.

Once done, hit "Create Broadcast."

Step 3: View on YouTube 

Find the live stream under your Upcoming Broadcasts inside the StreamYard dashboard and click on the three dots in the right and select "View on YouTube" from the options.

Step 4: Copy video URL

Next, right-click anywhere on your video on YouTube and click "Copy video URL."

Step 5: Create a post on Patreon

Log in to Patreon and click "Posts > New."

From the options listed on the new post page, select "Livestream" and pick YouTube Live.

Next, click "Use YouTube Live" from the options.

Step 6: Paste your YouTube Live URL

Finally, paste the link to your unlisted YouTube video and fill in details like Post title, Tags, etc.

Once you've entered all the details, you can then schedule your live stream on Patreon or click on the arrow next to the Schedule tab and select "Publish now" to go live. You can also save your live stream post as a draft.

Step 7: Go live inside of StreamYard 

The last thing left to do is to start your livestream inside of your StreamYard dashboard. When done correctly, you'll be able to display banners, lower-thirds, play video clips and more, and have them appear when you stream to your Patreon supporters.

That's it. You've now learned how to stream on Patreon.


What fees can I expect as a Patreon creator?

At the time of writing, Patreon offers three plans: Lite, Pro, and Premium. It takes 5% (Lite), 8% (Pro), and 12% (Premium) of the monthly income earned on Patreon.

Can brands benefit from Patreon?

Of course, they can. While Patreon is gold for content creators and influencers, businesses and brands of all types and sizes can benefit from using the platform. Besides promoting their work and expanding their audience reach beyond the mainstay social media platforms, having a presence on Patreon can also help brands find creators for partnerships and endorsements.

What are the age restrictions on Patreon?

Anyone who's 13 years and older can create a Patreon account. But if you want to be a creator or a patron, you must be at least 18 years old. If you aren't 18 years yet but still want to create content on Patreon or support other creators, you'd need permission from a parent or guardian.

Ready to stream on Patreon using StreamYard?

While the number of live streaming platforms is on the rise, being there where your audience is can tremendously boost your brand. Now that you know how to stream on Patreon remember that StreamYard provides all the features you need to tap into the social conversations with live streaming on different platforms.

So, stop wondering and start live streaming with StreamYard.

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