If you live stream regularly or even just create video content, you know how important it is to efficiently get your content out there.

"Am I going to include everything I outlined for my stream and not forget?"

"Do I work better on the fly"?

Or, "Do I feel better if I have a chance to mess up and start over?"

Sometimes, it's intimidating to present content live. There's a certain comfort in preventing slipups or stutters by recording ahead of time and avoiding that stage fright altogether.

We all are so busy in our own lives too, and if live streaming is only a portion of your business, brand, or life, the ability to record content whenever you want and post it to stream later is super attractive.

You aren't waiting to push the button to stream. You may want the impression of being live, but can't make the time you initially set for the event or the weekly stream time you thought would work out months ago. Perhaps, you have viewers twelve hours ahead and want the content convenient for them to watch without you losing sleep.

Here at StreamYard, we saw that need, heard from our customers, and created a feature that our users use every single day.

If you're anything like me, I could make a video a thousand times before I feel it is up to par with the vision I had in my head. I love the ability to create content I'm really proud of and post it as if it was live.

This article will talk about the benefits of pre-recorded live videos using StreamYard. Let's dive in.

What Is Pre-Recorded Streaming?

A pre-recorded live stream is a video that has the components of what you would see on a live stream but is recorded and uploaded ahead of time. For example, maybe you live stream yourself playing video games or have a weekly show where you interview people in your community. The only difference between this live content and pre-recorded content is that you film ahead of time.

You can include almost everything in a pre-recorded stream that you would in a live stream. For example, if you use slide sharing in your video content for job training, you can do that. Or, maybe you're an entrepreneur who shares short video clips of testimonials from your happy customers. These are all still possible with pre-recorded streaming – you just do it ahead of time.

Apple Events, for instance, are renowned for their amazing content and production quality. Well, the credit goes to pre-recorded streaming. Check out this event to witness how the tech giant enjoys the benefits of pre-recorded streaming and builds social momentum:

Why Use Pre-Recorded Videos: The Benefits Of Pre-Recorded Streaming

In the pandemic, connecting with each other via live video became essential. Many of our favorite live events went online, like concerts and theater. Live video content became the one way we could still connect and partake in events.

More and more people are starting to prefer streamed content instead of in-person events for safety and the ability to access content from around the world. With the option to see great art pieces or learn a new skill from your own home, the demand is high for content, and the need for pre-recorded content grows tenfold.

The ability to record, schedule, and distribute content will become all the more critical in the future. This is why the potential of pre-recorded content is endless.

A great way to use a pre-recorded live stream is when you aren't going to be available. For example, maybe you are traveling for a convention that will give you ample opportunities to make connections for your business but have a weekly show and an expectant audience. So, with pre-recorded streaming, you can keep up with your streaming schedule and still make those connections.

Or maybe, you need a vacation, but you have a crafting YouTube channel with devoted followers or a meditation group that relies on your weekly gathering. You can still generate this content but don't need to prioritize your own off time and wellbeing for your show.

Quality + Quantity: Key Benefits Of Pre-Recorded Streaming

You know how much time and effort goes into a live performance or stream if you're a content creator. The research or rehearsal, the equipment or space involved, the invites sent to prospective audience members. You have to make sure everything is in place. From your equipment functioning correctly to promoting your live stream – all of these moving parts also have the potential to fail.

Now, you may have a show that goes live every week and an expectant audience. And, if you don't have time for the mistakes that can happen in live productions, pre-recorded streaming is for you. The ability to record content to play later maximizes the quality and quantity of content.

In addition, the effort is upfront and done ahead of time, so you can know exactly what to expect when that video goes live. To schedule a stream ahead of time of a pre-recorded video that you have fine-tuned gives streamers endless opportunities to connect with their audiences at the highest level.

How To Choose Between Pre-Recorded And Live Streaming: Pros And Cons

If pre-recorded content is guaranteed to give you the quality you seek at the time you want, why would anyone want to live stream?

Well, for the exact reasons I mentioned before. The focus is on live engagement. What you gain by streaming live is an active audience that you can respond to and engage with during the stream. What you lose by pre-recording content is that engagement.

We always want to insist to our users that the critical component of live streaming is consistency and engagement with your audience. Suppose you aren't focusing on engaging with your audience in real-time. Then, you lose out on ample opportunities to answer questions, call your users to participate in the stream actively, and hear their thoughts immediately.

One missing feature of pre-recorded streaming is bringing up comments on-screen. Users love seeing their and others' comments. So when the stream isn't live, losing that ability can be a drawback of recording. Even though this is not available for you when uploading pre-recorded content, you should still go back and engage with people afterward.

Maintaining an audience is key to being successful as a content creator. Unfortunately, because the pre-recorded setup is done ahead of time, you lose that active connection to your audience through the screen, which can be a massive issue for frequent live streamers.

To learn more about pre-recorded streaming vs. live streaming, check this guide.

FAQs On Pre-Recorded Streaming

Do I Need To Be Present To Start A Pre-Recorded Video?

No, you don't need to be present! You can schedule it to start at a specific time, and it will begin on its own. That's one of the key benefits of pre-recorded streaming.

Can I Use Pre-Recorded Streams On Every Destination?

Technically, pre-recorded content is against LinkedIn's guidelines, so we wouldn't suggest trying to schedule pre-recorded content there. Other destinations are fine!

What Is The Difference Between Pre-Recorded Videos And Video Clips?

Usually, we refer to pre-recorded videos/streams as longer-form videos that take the form of a live stream. It is longer than most video clips and is meant to encompass an entire show. Video clips are fabulous in either pre-recorded or live content – they are usually in shorter form, a "clipping" per se.

Who Should Use A Pre-Recorded Live Video?

Anybody who live streams regularly should have it in their toolbox. If you are in a jam and need to produce content for a deadline, it is excellent to know how to use it! However, you do not want that to be your primary way of streaming and connecting with your audience, though, because you lose active live engagement.

Should Pre-Recorded Be My Primary Format Of Live Streaming?

No, you want to use it sparingly. One of the most, if not the most, essential features of live streaming is live interaction with your audience. Use pre-recorded content when you need to.

Pre-Recorded Live Stream Vs. Pre-Recorded Video?

You want to have a mix! If you don't want the whole stream to be pre-recorded, try recording some video clips or longer-form videos. Then, you can share them during your actual LIVE stream. Here are some excellent ways to use pre-recorded streaming and include them into your live video strategy.

Ready To Experience The Benefits Of Pre-Recorded Streaming?

My colleague and I were chatting about pre-recorded streaming, and he told me a great story about Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld wanted to get better at writing jokes, so when he started, he would write a joke a day and build a chain that worked very hard not to break.

Consistency was essential for him -- probably part of the reason why he had a hugely successful career.

Similarly, you want to get better at live streaming. Again, it's all about consistency. Of course, you will need some time off. And, you may not want to be chained to your computer. So, a mix of pre-recorded and live content sets you up for success.

If you live stream for work or pleasure, it shouldn't be a chore. Instead, it should be something you take pride in. It should also add to your business, grow your connections, and open up your worldview. So, generating consistent content by whatever means necessary should always come first!

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